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Planning & Design - Plant Apparatus Tank Welding Construction

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Planning & Design

Together with you or according to your specifications we

  • develop,
  • plan,
  • design and
  • draw

flexible and versatile for you.
Subject matter
We would like to show our special competences for different kinds of designs in the fields

  • plants,
  • apparatus and tanks
  • pipelines and
  • custom-made

and convince you of our work.
We have a lot of experience for different industries, like

  • chemical,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • nuclear or
  • food applications.

Scope of service

The design process of your plant and your component is carried out in CAD implemented in Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD.
Documents for approved plants or assemblies are drawn up, i.e.

  • assessment of conformity,
  • risk analysis,
  • part list,
  • drawing,

and send to notified bodies for pre-evaluation and improvement according to directive 2014/68/EU for pressure equipment, AD 2000 standard, DIN EN 13445 and ASME code.

Your purpose is our challenge for best design and most suited components for your requirements.

We are looking forward to answer any of your specific inquiries by e-mail or phone.

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