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Tank Construction - Plant Apparatus Tank Welding Construction

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Tank Construction

You need a special tank:

  • heated,
  • for high or low temperatures
  • isolated,
  • as a pressure tank or for
  • operating without pressure,
  • with or without agitator?

We are your contact partner.

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Subject matter
If for aggressive substances, for food or for water – we

  • calculate,
  • design and
  • manufacture

tanks specially for your application with our knowledge and skills according to international standards, like:

  • pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU,
  • AD 2000 standard,
  • DIN EN 13445,
  • ASME code,
  • with or without approval from
  • notified bodies.
Your process and products demand special requirements to the material?
We work with several materials like

  • steel or stainless steel,
  • duplex and super duplex materials,
  • copper-nickel-alloys,
  • nickel alloys,
  • titanium,
  • copper,
  • aluminium or
  • plastics.

If for

  • processing and production of food or pharmacy or
  • for processes and products of the chemical industry

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